W A R M   W E L C O M E




Wiker Straße 50a - 24106 Kiel
Inner courtyard behind the rolling gate






After our summer concert of 21.06.2015 with great fun & joy and with some rudimentary environment was committed, the planning as a concert garage took place. The flying light bridge was produced by Saul from Schönkirchen, the refined power generation was made by Bathel company, the aluminum truss was supplied by OPUS, the stage segments were produced by the company Kieler Ladenbau, the heating was installed by A & N. - The rest arose through dedicated and private self-service! 

    The  stage ! Photo: Delv

There are chairs for exactly 50 persons so that you should register by phone or email. Parking space is available at the weekend, mostly near the authorities.

The garage will be left to the selected artists free of charge for the duration of their performance, and the Hutgage, which is donated by the audience, will receive these without deductions.

No catering and drinks are offered, as only one toilet is 30 steps away. Inlet is 30 minutes before the start of the concert, who then is not there, is no longer admitted. Bringing alcoholic beverages is undesirable; drunk guests are not allowed to enter.

Photographs only lightning-free, so that the artists are not irritated.

The musical performances are exclusively, self-arranged pieces and around music the fundamental loudness in the volume will not lead to serious hearing damage. Our commitment to free-lance artists is not commercial!

Your Delv